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Small silver earrings collection

Owner of online jewelry store in Canada Nueve Sterling

How I Started my Online Jewelry Store in Canada

My story begins nearly 20 years ago, when my family and I relocated from Mexico City to Paris. That was the official start of my life as an "expat

But, as romantic and exciting as the life of an expat wife may sound, I was always left feeling a little empty. I was there for everyone, but aside from being the pillar of my household, I had no personal fulfillment.

I had to go through several stages and personal crises before I realized I couldn't take it any longer. I was living in Seoul when I decided that I needed to do something, and that's when an idea struck me.

Learn more about my personal journey and how I ended up launching my online jewelry store in Canada by clicking here.

Taxco, Mexico: The Silver Capital of the World | Nueve Sterling

The Silver Capital Of The World

Many people refer to the small Mexican town of Taxco, as the "Silver Capital of the World." There are several reasons for this, but two of them are the beauty and high quality of the jewelry produced there.

Take a look at the sterling silver collections I've hand-picked for you and brought to Canada, from one of the most prestigious silver jewelry manufacturing locations in the world.

Learn More About Taxco

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Sterling Silver Jewelry From Taxco Mexico in Canada Online | Nueve Sterling

If you can't travel to Taxco, Mexico

"I'LL bring Taxco to you!"


I love the jewelry at Nueve Sterling! I have purchased many pieces over the years and have been more than pleased with the quality, uniqueness and service I've received. I was thrilled to find 2 different silver bracelets that sit nicely on my wrists and allow me to play golf without them interfering. I always get compliments on the golf course!
I have gifted lots of friends and relatives silver jewelry pieces from Nueve Sterling and everyone has raved about them!

Nueve Sterling is an excellent online resource for exquisite jewellery. The owner has great taste and has presented an amazing selection to choose from. And, it's actually a pleasure shopping on their platform. I have purchased many presents there.

Well, I am impressed! I took a chance at buying myself a ring and the store owner delivered it to me at home this evening. Not only impressive jewelry, the packaging is gorgeous. I cannot believe how reasonable the price was. I love it!

II am a proud owner of many pieces of 925/950 silver jewellery from Nueve Sterling. Each piece is unique, superior quality and is coming directly from Taxco, Mexico!

I will certainly buy from this website again. Fast, reliable and all my silver arrived intact; on top of that, value for money!

The bracelets were a really big hit, everyone loved them.

It's nice to have something that brings us together.

Thank you for my beautiful coral necklace and gifted cord bracelet.

I love my purchase!

I bought this necklace and I absolutely love it! It has a different look, it is charming, and the price was right.

I received it without any delay and perfectly packed

I will definitely purchase from this website in the future.

I love 925 sterling silver from Nueve Sterling, I bought quite a number of pieces from them.

Good service and presentable packaging.

I am very happy with all my purchases. I like the simplicity and uniqueness of each piece.

Highly recommended to those who are also 925 sterling silver lovers.

Thumbs up and 5 stars to Nueve Sterling!

Thanks for the quick delivery of my silver order earlier this week. I has lost a silver pendant last year that I had bought in Mexico more than 10 years ago. I loved the piece and wore it often. I came across your website when I was browsing to see what my options were for replacing the pendant given the current travel restrictions. You had several beautiful options that I could not narrow it down to buying only one, and I decided to add a new chain to my order as well. I have worn one of the pendants several times this week and I love it.

Thanks again. I will definitely browse your site whenever I am looking for silver options.

Jackie G.
Adam R.
Viviana P.
Natasha H.
Jane T.
Karrie L.
Carmina I.
Alyssa K.
Jane S.

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Entrepreneur Maria Rocher owner of Nueve Sterling

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This is my personal story about how I decided to become a solopreneur instead of just being an expat wife.

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The Perfect Guide to Buying Her a Meaningful Gift

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In order to help all those clueless and desperate husbands in their quest to find the ideal present for that special someone, I wrote this guide, so keep reading.


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Designer Jewelry at Nueve Sterling

Author Jewelry, What Is It?

Looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to set you apart from the crowd? Because of our hectic lives or the heavy mass-produced society in which we live, it is not always easy.

Author jewelry could be the answer, but do you know what that means?

Continue reading to find out.

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