Why Buying Jewelry From Mexico?


Because Mexican Silver is:

Original; because it is unmatched and because it is one of the oldest mining sites located in the Americas. The beginning of artisanship in precious metals in Taxco has a long tradition that goes back to the Pre-Hispanic period. 

Mexican, but in particular Taxco silver jewelry, has gained recognition around the world for a number of reasons: 

For Mexico, as the largest silver producer in the world today, it is easy to obtain pure silver. Most silver jewelry coming out of Mexico is made of sterling silver, or .925 silver, which is exactly the same thing. To better understand this I recommend you to read What is Sterling Silver? 

Using classic silversmithing techniques, most pieces are handmade by talented silversmiths who hand down their craft through apprenticeships. The artisans of Taxco work in family-owned shops known as talleres, creating stunning and unique silver jewelry that represents various facets of Mexican culture.

Due to the nature of the business, it will be difficult to find two identical pieces, which differentiates Nueve Sterling as unique and fascinating.

I carry different kinds of styles and materials to go along with the silver. From simple everyday pieces to stunning fashion statements; my collections offer the possibility of satisfying every taste. 

Nueve Sterling's passion is to share with you the uniqueness of Taxco's silver jewelry, which has for decades been producing lovely and noteworthy pieces that stand out for their quality and design.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate this kind of jewelry and take the opportunity to get a Mexican silver jewelry piece from the iconic town of Taxco, from the comfort of your home with a simple click.