The Perfect Necklace Size

Choose the necklace that reflects your personal style.

The ideal necklace length is personal; however, there are a few ways to determine which length is best for you.

Collar and choker 14-16" (30-40cm) 

Collar styles, as the name implies, fit higher around the neck, whereas chokers rest closely around the base of your neck. The right-sized choker necklace should fit snugly around your neck, with a finger gap between the chain and your skin. Collar and choker chains have a retro-classic 90s vibe to them and look stunning on long slender necklines and pixie-cut hairstyles.

Short necklace 18-20" (40-47cm)

A short necklace is intended to be worn just below the base of the neck, around the collarbone. This necklace will hang comfortably on petite women, but it may look more like a choker on plus-size women. As a result, petite or slim women should wear this size chain.
Matinee necklace: 20-24" (47-60cm)

The Matinee necklace sits gracefully on your chest, pointing to your cleavage. If you are of medium height and have a fuller body type, a medium-length necklace is ideal.
Necklaces and chains vary by length.
Choose the one that reflects your personal preference or style.


At Nueve Sterling you can find chains and necklaces in a variety of lengths, most of which range from 16" (40cm) to 24" (60cm).

If you require a longer chain or necklace, please contact me at and I will do my best to get it for you.