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Mexican jewelry designer Ghyslayne Jaudon was born in Mexico City, as a result of her parents (of French origin) fleeing the war in 1945 to find refuge in Mexico.

Jewelry Designer Ghyslayne Jaudon in Canada Nueve Sterling
Jewelry Designer Ghyslayne Jaudon in her Workshop
When she was 16 years old, her father, a professional jeweler, gave her a piece of jewelry he had crafted and promised to teach her the trade. Sadly, he passed away before he could carry out his pledge. Ghyslayne, on the other hand, had always felt that passion in her veins.

In order to foster her creativity, her parents enrolled her in various drawing, paper mache, pyrography, guitar, and macrame workshops, when she was eight years old. Ghyslayne demonstrated her talent and skill in the use of many and varied instruments from a young age.

Her great dream, however, was and still is jewelry and stained glass.

It was quite some time after her father's passing that Ghyslayne got the chance to study and acquire the fundamentals of the trade in the workshop/school of Master Adriana Lieberman; therefore, it can be argued that she was practically self-trained.

Jewelry Designer Ghyslayne Jaudon in her workshop Nueve Sterling

Making Jewelry has always been her passion


She inherited silver jewelry from her mother and grandmother, which she found difficult to wear due to its physical condition or its old-fashioned style. She then took on the task of restoring their radiance or making the necessary changes to transform them into modern pieces, always striving to preserve their essence.

The vast majority of Jaudon pieces are numbered and signed by her, which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each of her creations. Since the challenge of producing something different comes into play, numbering her pieces has helped to stimulate her imagination, and as she herself says, "it challenges me to improve every day."

Her sources of inspiration are limitless, but she admits to a preference for Art Deco and Art Nouveau, as well as tribal.

Jaudon finds that the task of completing a piece and being immersed in a cycle of ongoing learning gives her the most satisfaction. Each time she creates a piece, she feels the desire to start over and work on something new, which fuels and inspires her creative process.

Semi-precious stones are essential in Jaudon jewelry. Silver and stone combine to create one-of-a-kind pieces, conceived, and realized thanks to the designer's talent and effort, who works in her own workshop in Acapulco, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.

Labradorite Stone Nueve Sterling

Her selection of gemstones is always appealing


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Jewelry Designer Ghyslayne Jaudon in Canada Nueve Sterling