January 09, 2022

How To Know Your Ring Size

How to Know Your Ring Size at Home | Nueve Sterling

Know your size and buy rings online with confidence.


Without a doubt, rings are the ideal complement for different occasions, providing the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble.

A ring that is the right size for you, will shine and draw the right attention by enhancing your beauty, personality, and particular style.

If it is big, it will probably go around your finger, causing you to hold it all the time, and there's a good chance you'll lose it. On the other hand, if it is small, it will not only cause discomfort, but you will need time and patience to remove it, not to mention the nasty mark that will be left on your finger over time.

For many people buying jewelry online is not an option, because most of the time they don’t know if the piece they are interested in will fit them.

It is a valid argument but consider this: shopping online allows you to purchase items from all over the world, including places you may never visit in your life because they are too far away, too expensive, too unsafe, or simply because you don't feel like traveling there.

Online shopping opens up a wonderful range of possibilities, you just need to pay attention to the details of the items you like and follow the recommendations or size guides that are usually provided to improve your shopping experience.

There are different options and approaches to assist you determine the size of your ring, so that you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Here I present you some of them:



Measure Your Finger:

It sounds simple and obvious but this is a disregarded method that can help you find out in a matter of minutes what size of ring you need.

Have ready the following items:

a) A thin string of paper, a piece of thread or a thin ribbon

b) A ruler (mm)

c) A pen or a thin marker


How to do it:

a) Wrap the ribbon, thread, or string of paper around the base of your finger, making sure not to overtighten or undertighten it.

b) With the marker, carefully mark the spot where the ends overlap.

c) Take the measurement in mm using your ruler. This will give you the inside diameter of the ring you need to order.

d) You will find your ring size by comparing the results with the ring size chart provided below. 

Using this method you don't need to print the downloadable chart, just compare the measurement in mm that you got and you will immediately know your ring size.


How to Know your Ring Size | Nueve Sterling

Ring Sizes Chart

A table is used as a reference in the jewelry industry to standardize the different ring sizes. It mainly consists of distinct interior diameter measurements connected with a corresponding size number.

Most of the time the tables are calibrated using either an American or European measurement system. However, numerous manufacturers have their own measurement tables, so it is always a good idea to check their equivalences before taking any decision. 

Here is a link where you can download and print a reference table with equivalences between the inside diameter of the rings and sizes, which you may use to find the right ring size for you.

In case you would like to compare the size of an existing ring that you already wear, be careful to follow the instructions of the downloadable document while printing it, to make sure you are getting the correct measurements. 

Once you have printed the document, take a ruler and make sure the bar on the top of the blue box is 5 cm in length; if so, then you can rely on the chart.

Downloadable Ring Size Chart

Ring Sizes Chart | Nueve Sterling


Find Your Ring Size Using a Ring That You Own

If you already have a ring that fits your finger comfortably but you don't know its size, you can use the downloadable ring size chart to find it out.

This method is also a sneaky way to surprise a loved one by finding the size of the ring he or she wears. Then you can delight that special person with a wonderful ring that you already know will be fitting him/her perfectly.

While measuring the ring using the downloadable chart, remember that you have to compare the inside diameter (the part that makes contact with the finger) to the circles on the chart. 

If you are not sure between two different measurements, go for the larger one.


Ring Size Chart By Country

The ring sizes shown on my website are in accordance with the nomenclature used in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

If you already know your ring size, but the nomenclature differs from the one I give as a reference on my website, don't worry, I got you covered.

Here you have an international ring sizes chart, where you will find the equivalent ring measurements between different countries. 

Ring Size Chart By Country

Ring Sizes Chart By Country | Nueve Sterling


Interesting Fact: Did you know the most common sizes for women's rings are 5 to 7, with size 6 being the most popular?


Now that you know how to choose the proper ring size for you or a loved one, browse the rings collections I've hand-picked for you and find the one that steals your heart.

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Remember that the ring size nomenclature I use as a reference on my website is the North American one, but you can use the Ring Size Chart By Country to get the equivalent to the one you need.