At Nueve Sterling, my pendants for women feature some of the best sentimental and cultural designs in all of my Taxco silver jewelry. Each pendant and charm features the stellar craftsmanship and compassion that makes Taxco, Mexico, the "silver capital of the world." Find the perfect piece of Mexican artistry for your jewelry collection here. 

Numerous Styles for Every Taste or Occasion

I am happy to offer a large selection of pendants for women that can elevate any of my silver chain necklaces and bracelets from simple links into meaningful wearable art. 

Large or Small

You can create your perfect necklace with a charming silver pendant from my extensive collections here at Nueve Sterling. Each one is handcrafted with care, and several pendants feature the cutest bright colours painted by hand by skilled artisans. I have a handful of incredible hummingbird pendant designs, like my Big Hummingbird, that symbolizes positive thoughts from someone who cares about you in a popular Mayan legend. Each hummingbird has its own distinct colour scheme and pairs exceptionally well with my thin rolo or box chain

Looking for a small gift to show your appreciation for a friend or loved one? Consider my precious charm pendants for a small necklace or bracelet! Many charms feature handmade representations of activities or animals that could be significant to the ones you love. For example, if your friend has a fiery spirit, she will certainly smile when she receives my Silver Dragon charm pendant with a complementary chain or bracelet. 

Unique Cross Designs

If you or someone you love appreciates carrying a symbol of their faith, why not have one that matches the awe-inspiring power surrounding you? At Nueve Sterling, I have some of the most graceful cross-pendant designs that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. These fascinating handmade cross pendants for women, like my delicate but compelling Rose Silver Cross, would look magnificent on my silver chains or chokers.

A Splendid Pop of Magical Colours 

Gemstones, semi-precious stones, and organic inclusions are significant in Mexico's handmade silver jewelry history. I offer an incredible range of stones and organic inclusions, including larimar, abalone, Chiapas amber, aventurine, and many more. Every stone is carefully chosen and enclosed in stunning sterling silver with designs representative of traditional and contemporary Mexican artistry. These are genuinely spectacular gemstone pendants for women needing an elegant and personalized addition to their jewelry collection.

Legendary Pendants

Angel Callers are curious ball-shaped pendants with a little brass ball inside of them that makes a bright-twinkling noise when it moves. Legends say in the Mayan culture, these pendants were given to pregnant women to shake and call their guardian angels to protect them and their babies. It is believed that the baby heard the twinkling noise while in the mother's womb, and then afterwards, the familiar sound would help soothe the baby while calling upon their angels for protection. These fascinating cultural symbols are the perfect pendants for women expecting a child or simply want a unique piece of Mexican jewelry with historical significance.

With my diverse collection of Taxco silver jewelry pendants, I hope you can find something to make your day a little brighter at Nueve Sterling.