February 12, 2023

The Benefits of Investing in Authentic Mexican Silver Jewelry

Mexican Silver Jewelry from Taxco in Canada

The jewelry world has changed dramatically in the last century. New technologies for creating and distributing lovely accessories have tremendously expanded the accessibility of jewelry. However, there has also been an increase in lower-quality jewelry that may cost you more. Here, I shall explore why spending a few extra dollars on high-quality sterling silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico is more beneficial in the long run.

Better For Your Health

Have you ever bought fashion jewelry, like a set of earrings from a major retailer, that irritates your skin after wearing it for a couple of hours or days? This indicates that the jewelry contains low-grade materials, such as nickel or brass, to cut production costs. The nickel or brass in the jewelry’s silver alloy can cause allergic reactions, such as irritation, redness, and swelling.

On the other hand, each piece of Taxco jewelry from Nueve Sterling is made from certified 950 or 925 sterling silver that only uses copper to strengthen the silver in the alloy. If you have noticed skin irritation or sensitivity from other jewelry pieces, nickel-free sterling silver jewelry is an excellent choice for accessorizing without hurting your skin.

The different workshops I source my jewelry from are certified by the "Consejo Regulador de la Plata" (Silver Regulatory Council) which is a civil self-regulation organization founded by businessmen from Taxco, with the goal of supervising and maintaining the quality of silver manufactured in the region.

Quality Certificate from Silver Regulatory Council Taxco

Having this certification ensures that the sterling silver quality standards are met, so you can buy jewelry from my online shop with confidence, knowing that there will be no nickel or cheap alloys that could cause allergies or irritate your skin.

Sterling Silver Retains Its Value

Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum have a long history in economic investments. Gold and silver have been used as the basis for currency value for thousands of years. The monetary value of gold and silver continues to rise, and investing in them is a common practice for hedging against inflation.

Troy Ounce Mexico

Similarly, gold and silver jewelry retains its monetary value over time much better than fashion jewelry alternatives. Should you decide to resell it in the future, you are more likely to get your money back with a Taxco silver jewelry piece from Nueve Sterling.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Pure silver is a relatively soft metal that is not ideal for daily wear as jewelry. However, when combined with copper to make sterling silver, it becomes a durable metal that makes exceptional jewelry beautiful and resistant to the wear and tear of daily life. Though tarnishing can happen over time, you can remove tarnish at home quite easily to help your jewelry shine for decades to come.

Can Be Enjoyed By Future Generations

Sterling silver jewelry is more than simply a beautiful accessory. It’s also a vessel for love and cherished memories that you can pass from one generation to the next. Thanks to its durability and various styles, silver Mexican jewelry from Taxco is a phenomenal contender for family heirlooms that you and your loved ones can enjoy across multiple lifetimes.

Distinct Designs for a Lasting Impression

During the initial renaissance of silversmithing jewelry in Taxco, many designs featured motifs of the Aztec and Mayan cultures in the region. Since the mid-20th century, Taxco silver jewelry has gained worldwide recognition as some of the most magnificent examples of jewelry craftsmanship. These pieces are handmade and are unlike any others in the world, making Taxco jewelry an excellent conversation starter in any social setting.

What Makes Sterling Silver Jewelry from Taxco So Special?

Taxco de Alarcón is a town in Mexico that has been a part of silver mining and trading since the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. For nearly a century, Taxco has been kept alive by the nearby silver mines and its local artisans who handcraft incredible works of silver jewelry, art, and more.

Families of silversmiths and artisans have been perfecting and experimenting with their craft, with each generation inspiring more unique designs than the last. There’s even an annual festival known as "Feria Nacional de la Plata" (National Silver Fair) celebrating innovative designs and techniques to help maintain the creative spirit. Taxco is the home of unmatched elegance and style in the world of sterling silver jewelry.

Silver National Fair Taxco

Long-Lasting, High-Quality Materials

Silver has been one of Mexico’s primary exports for centuries, and in recent years, the country has become the world’s leading exporter of this precious metal. Access to premium blends of sterling silver is abundant and affordable.

The high-quality sterling silver in Taxco jewelry makes each piece more durable and stunning than the average machine-made jewelry from mass-production retailers. You can rest assured that when you purchase a piece of silver Mexican jewelry from me, its personality and beauty can last a lifetime with regular wear and maintenance.

Supporting an Important Culture

Many silversmith artisans and their families sell their products directly to tourists from tables and small shops in Taxco. Unfortunately, mass production and reduced tourism make it increasingly difficult for families to carry on their traditions. Silver Mexican jewelry has been an essential part of folk art since before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Not only is each piece of Taxco jewelry an incredible work of art for fans of silver jewelry, but they’re also memorable pieces of the rich and fascinating legacy of culture and passion that go into their production.

Despite the significant obstacles they currently experience in the face of mass-produced workshops and cheap jewelry, the master silversmiths and artisans from Taxco work with pride and are responsible for passing on their craft to the next generations so that the tradition continues.

Taxco Artisan

The main goal to start my online store was to support and promote this beautiful art that has raised Mexico's name on the global stage for many years, so that Taxco continues to be the cradle of beautiful handmade jewelry.

Your support is essential for this goal to be possible. With the purchase of each of the pieces in my online jewelry store, (no matter how small), you are helping artisans to be in demand and to continue producing their beautiful creations.

Choose Nueve Sterling

My passion is to make striking and unique silver Mexican jewelry accessible to you from the comfort of your home. At Nueve Sterling, I ensure that each item I offer is made exclusively using handmade techniques and certified 950 or 925 sterling silver that does not contain nickel. Additionally, each purchase helps me support Taxco's extraordinary culture and artisans. Check out my extensive collection today to find your next piece of stunning, long-lasting, and remarkable sterling silver jewelry.