I have all you need and more at Nueve Sterling for those seeking authentic silver necklaces. Each design is handcrafted by the skilled silversmith artisans of Taxco, Mexico using high-quality sterling silver. Enjoy impactful jewelry that makes a high-quality fashion statement.

Designs for Everyone

My silver necklaces feature one-of-a-kind designs for every jewelry preference. Whether you want distinct statement pieces or simple silver chain necklaces, my store is sure to have something you'll love. They also make a lovely, heartfelt gift for special occasions if you're searching for that perfect, hand-crafted present.

Delicate and Delightful

I offer a variety of high-quality silver chains that are handmade and durable. They can be worn as stand-alone pieces for a clean and simple look or paired with one of my stunning pendants to jazz it up. Many of my chains are available in three different lengths (45, 50, or 60cm) for your desired look and comfort. I also have various fashionable chokers for women, including an eye-catching Multi-Strand Silver Choker that can complement any bold and captivating outfit.

Extraordinary Artistry

I have an assortment of unequalled silver necklaces only found crafted by the masterful hands of Taxco silversmiths. Many of my designs are inspired by nature and are perfect for those needing something stylishly unique to add to their collection. I also have magnificent oxidized silver necklaces if you are looking for something with an air of vintage elegance. Through precise chemical darkening, oxidized silver creates wondrous dimension and drama that is ideal for a luxurious, timeless look.

Magnificent Gemstones 

Admirers of semi-precious stones will love my collection of gemstone silver necklaces.  I have a variety of designs that can be worn for everyday luxury or as spectacular accent pieces for a formal event.

Also, be sure to look at my gemstone earrings and bracelets to create magnificent jewelry sets with my exquisite silver necklaces. Whether looking for a new piece to compliment an existing collection or starting your collection from scratch, gemstones are a wonderful place to start.


The Aztec people greatly valued this sky-blue stone and were known to bury notable members of society with pieces of turquoise in their mouths. Turquoise is believed to help combat the effects of depression and exhaustion, making it a fantastic choice for your daily jewelry.


This remarkable gemstone is considered to hold great magic for its wearer. Labradorite changes colour depending on the angle and brightness of the lighting it's in. Want breathtaking beauty that helps you light up the room at every date night or cocktail party? Labradorite is the premier choice for a glittering collection.


Malachite is a gemstone that features rich, patterned shades of green and may possess many healing qualities for those who wear it. Inspired by the marvellous Taxco culture, my three designs featuring malachite are sure to amaze all who see them.

Why Nueve Sterling?

These beautiful creations are from Taxco, Mexico. This picturesque pre-colonial town boasts over a century of brilliant silversmithing techniques constantly evolving as they're passed down from generation to generation. I work closely with artisans to bring you a piece of authentic Mexican culture handcrafted with compassion and care. Anyone who receives my distinct silver necklaces will remember and admire them for a lifetime.