Harmony Ball With Gemstone

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Jewelry With A Story To Tell

The legend has it that you can call the angels to protect you when you are in danger, by ringing the chime. Some other people call them "harmony balls" and are used during pregnancy with a very long chain. The purpose is to make the baby get used to its sound, and once he/she is born, the soft sound soothes him/her whenever the baby is feeling uneasy.

These beautiful harmony balls are also known as "cages", because you can open them and take out the brass bell that produces the tinkling. They come with a small semi-precious stone on top and are the biggest size of the stylized cages.

Regardless of the legend or the meaning you want to give it, this pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that you should consider including in your collection.


Sterling silver 925

Stone: garnet

Brass bell