March 09, 2022

Ring Stuck On Finger. Try This Cool Trick

Ring Stuck On Finger. Try This Cool Trick | Nueve Sterling

Have you ever had a ring become stuck on your finger?

In addition to being frustrating, it can be painful and dangerous.

I’m gonna share with you a story that helped me deal with a problem I ran into this morning.

Years ago, my family and I travelled to Sydney, Australia, to visit my oldest brother and his wife.

We were in the hotel room, it was late, and while playing with one of my daughters, I asked her to try on my wedding band. She still had cute chubby fingers at the time, and I kind of forgot how slim mine are.

The thing is that when she put the ring on, it became stuck. Initially, we attempted to remove it with soap, but it did not work. We asked her to raise her hand and hold it there for a while to see if the finger would return to normal... that didn't work either.

We were concerned when the finger began to change colour, but we decided to wait until the next day to see if things improved overnight. I couldn't sleep cause I kept checking on her, I was really worried.

Next morning, I called my brother to let him know we couldn’t have breakfast with them because we had to bring our daughter to the hospital. I told him the story and he asked me to stay put, he was coming to the hotel to try to help us.

He arrived with a bunch of remedies, starting from Windex! Yes... Windex (which apparently can be used to help remove stuck rings) to oil and I'm not sure what else. When he realized how bad things were, he told his wife, "Pass me the dental floss."


So, he started performing his procedure.

He managed to slip the dental floss under the ring and then he started wrapping and compressing the finger all the way down to the knuckle and even a bit more.

The finger was completely purple, and hurt, but he asked my daughter to bear with him.

After wrapping the finger with the dental floss, he began unwrapping it with the thread on the other side of the ring; slowly but steadily, the ring began to slide and passed over the knuckle with ease.

He did it! We didn't have to go to the hospital; the girl's pain was relieved, and I got my wedding band back, safe and sound. I was concerned that they would have cut it at the hospital.

All of this to say that this morning I was photographing a ring to post on social media when it became stuck on my index finger!

I remembered what my brother did to my daughter and decided to share with you this simple method for removing a stuck ring when soapy water, oil, or even Windex don't do the trick.

It is certainly painful because you can feel all of your blood pressure building up in your finger, but once you begin unwrapping it from the other end, things get much better.

You can watch the video I made while removing the ring from my finger.

If you're one of those people who never takes their rings off, the best way to avoid being in this situation is to keep an eye on your hands. If you notice your finger becoming swollen or experiencing pain, you should remove your rings immediately to avoid an extreme situation in which a ring that you treasured for its sentimental value must be cut, or you get to the point where your finger is severely injured.

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