September 01, 2020

Jewelry Designer Roy Nilson in Canada

Jewelry Designer Roy Nilson in Canada - Nueve Sterling

Nilson's world: artistic & sublime

The fusion between classic and contemporary masterfully crafted in the tradition of Taxco silversmithing, defines Roy Nilson's style.

Born in Argentina, he moved to Mexico almost two decades ago and he fell in love with what he saw. He arrived to Taxco to never move out again.

With a career in performing arts, he describes himself as a seeker inspired by the creative aesthetics of Mexican women. Since his arrival in Mexico, he started learning about Taxco and its silversmithing tradition, which made him take interest for this trade. 

And there's a good reason why he was drawn to this small town. The magic and the history of this charming colonial little village, stole his heart.

Having an artistic background, he deeply appreciated the way Mexican silversmiths crafted the jewelry with great skill and technique. Everything is handmade by the people from Taxco, this is what has really inspired him.

He realized that in Taxco, the jewelry carries in important value not only due to the precious metal involved, but the time for planning, designing and executing the pieces. 

He describes his style as "one of a kind", that combines the classic with the modern, for women who choose distinguish themselves for their exquisite taste in today's world.

As an admirer of the "Great Masters" (Héctor Aguilar, Antonio Castillo, William Spratling, Margot de Taxco, among others) he has followed their steps, which in a way has helped to preserve the traditional way of goldsmithing in this extraordinary silver town. He also appreciates the culture and beliefs of the Mexican people and brings them to life in incredible pieces of jewelry, that become a showcase of the beauty of this wonderful country, full of tradition and history.

Pre-Columbian influence and folk art are present in Nilson's work, same as happened with Spratling and his apprentices, who later became designers of their own, and contributed to keep the silversmithing tradition of the town alive.


"Sacred Heart" details of a silver bracelet designed by Roy Nilson.


"Day of the Dead" is a very important celebration in Mexico, in which families remember and honor their deceased loved ones. In these cuff-bracelets and pin, Roy Nilson pays tribute to such an important festivity, using iconic images just like the "Catrina" from the Mexican lithographer José Guadalupe Posada. 

 Three generations have already passed since the silver jewelry industry started developing in Taxco. Wars around the world; the raise of mass-production jewelry over the purely handmade solid silver one; economic downturns and many other crisis have failed to end with decades of tradition, in a small town that still fights to preserve the name and charm that brought it to the worldwide stage.

Roy Nilson is one of those designers who believe in preserving the values, technique and tradition of this noble trade in Taxco, through his designs immortalized in stunning pieces of jewelry. He takes purity as a source of inspiration and keep building his own brand with the mission of extolling the Taxco silver greatness, exposing the new trends, without leaving behind the classic.

Meet the artist behind these extraordinary creations, in an interview 2 years ago, where he shares his experience as a jewelry designer after settling down in Taxco.


Nueve Sterling proudly opens the door for you to the world of Roy Nilson, and presents you this collection that is just a small sample of his fantastic work. I hope you enjoy his pieces and take the opportunity to add a spice and a new look to your personal fine jewelry collection. 

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