June 01, 2019

How does Taxco look like?

How does Taxco look like?

Silver Town of Taxco, Mexico in Images

Before getting into "the looks", I think the first thing I should be sharing with you is "where is Taxco located?"

This blog intends to be very visual, so... here you go, ladies and gentlemen: TAXCO 

In Mexico there is a group of communities that have received the category of "Pueblo Mágico" (Magical Town) because they have preserved their original architecture, traditions, history and culture. In total there are 111 Pueblos Mágicos, and Taxco is proudly one of them.

It is a very small place, where you can find good food, museums, cultural activities, ecotourism and obviously silver jewelry and ornaments all over the place.

Visiting Taxco is a very nice experience because the people are very kind and wherever you go, you will find something beautiful or interesting to see. But I must say that even though it is true you can find silver pieces of the utmost quality, you have to be careful because there are also lots of small shops or stalls in markets that will try to sell you alpaca instead of silver. In a future blog I will explain the difference between alpaca and sterling silver.

Taxco is known as the "silver capital of the world" and its history goes back many decades, with the arrival of William Spratling, an American Architect who according to the late Budd Schulberg (American novelist and screenwriter) "was a man who single-handedly changed Taxco, Mexico, from the small mining town it was in 1931, to the silver capital it is today and incidentally revitalized the industry throughout Mexico."

But let's take a tour throughout the town so you can enjoy its beauty and charm: 








































































This place looks awesome, right? I hope you enjoyed the tour.