July 16, 2022

Handmade Jewelry vs Machine-Made

Hand-Made vs Machine-Made Jewelry | Nueve Sterling

Artisan or Commercial: Which One Speaks To You?

We all have unique needs and interests, leading us to resonate with different brands and styles. It's not a matter of right or wrong; rather, it's about embracing what makes us feel genuinely good and authentic.

Given my background in the jewelry industry, today I'd like to discuss the distinction between handmade jewelry vs machine-made pieces, with a particular focus on understanding more about the 925 silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico.

But first, I have a question for you:

How many times have you seen handmade jewelry in markets and artisan areas while on vacation? If you have had an urge to purchase any or multiple of these unique and distinctive accessories, then keep reading because this blog is for you.

Without a doubt, art has no boundaries in towns and countries with a rich cultural heritage such as Mexico, which is why many people choose to express their creativity by making of one-of-a-kind products like lovely handmade jewelry.

There are places with a strong silver jewelry making tradition dating back several decades, or even centuries. Such is the case of the Mexican jewelry coming from the small colonial town of Taxco, where the handmade silver jewelry that you can find in my online jewelry store comes from.

But what benefits does handmade jewelry have over conventional machine-made pieces?

Let's find out:

a) Uniqueness & Exclusivity

The biggest benefit of handmade jewelry is that each piece is unique. The individual who utilizes it knows for sure that there won't be another item exactly like it. Even if the design is the same, you must keep in mind that each piece's elaboration process was unique and that the artist put a substantial amount of effort into each one of his creations. This is connected to the prospect of personalizing the object to suit your tastes.

Wearing handmade jewelry will be a remarkable and distinctive accessory for you if you enjoy making a statement and standing out of the crowd.
Unique 950 silver Mexican necklace handmade in Taxco

Unique 950 silver Mexican necklace


b) High Quality & Beauty

We all know that the major jewelry retailers all over the world are distinguished by their high standards for both the preparation and the materials used to make their products. However, it's important to remember that each piece of handcrafted jewelry was made by an artisan that we could very well call artist. Each item of handcrafted jewelry that the artist creates is the result of a lot of hard work, creativity, and dedication. That is an assurance that the piece of the product you're using has been crafted in the finest manner feasible.

By purchasing handmade jewelry, you support a variety of regional designers to keep up their efforts to produce and improve their items. 

Exquisite handmade silver necklace with garnet



There are several family workshops in Taxco where stunning silver creations are made. The problem is that many of these people do not know how to market their products other than by selling them directly to tourists visiting their small town. It's a shame to limit those beauties to such a small market, which is why I created Nueve Sterling, an online marketplace for gorgeous silver jewelry from Mexico to  Canada and other countries.

c) You'll be supporting a regional artists

Profiting from the previous observation, we must consider that these artisans, for the most part, spend a significant portion of the day creating handmade items. In Taxco, many people make their living solely from this artistic endeavor.

Handmade silver jewelry by the skilled artisans of Taxco, Mexico
Keep in mind that when you purchase handmade jewelry, you are not only investing in a unique item of superior quality but also helping the maker to support their family and spread their creativity through amazing creations.


 d) Affordable Prices

Women's jewelry is typically not cheap, and to start, let's say that mass-produced items are not guaranteed to last for an extended period of time. In most of the cases these kind of accessories are considered "disposable". Handmade products definitely take more time to create and are often made with more durable materials, resulting in a good value for the price you pay. 

The handmade jewelry from Mexico at Nueve Sterling is made of genuine sterling silver and, in some cases, 950 silver. At my online shop you can also find beautiful gemstones that embellish and add value to the Mexican jewelry that you are purchasing.

Buying silver jewelry can be considered an investment in the long run.

The creation of handmade accessories is distinctive and exceptional. Artisans can remake an item numerous times with excruciating effort until they are entirely satisfied with what they do because they have a strong love for what they do and great pride in their work.

It's important to understand that 100% handmade pieces may have certain imperfections that make them even more beautiful and original. It is precisely these imperfections and the fact that there is no identical earring, ring or necklace what makes handmade jewelry unique.

We're very used to seeing near-perfect items in stores. Working in the jewelry industry and in the workshop makes you appreciate dealing with organic materials and acknowledge their perfectly imperfect nature.


Handmade jewelry avoids industrial machinery for mass production, opting instead to craft each piece by hand. As a result, it yields unique, rare creations imbued with individual spirit, crafted with meticulous care and pride.

A direct price comparison between a machine-made piece of jewelry and a handmade one will never be equal. It goes without saying that the mass-produced items will always be less expensive.

However, as I stated at the beginning of this blog, there is no right or wrong answer as to what drives you to purchase jewelry. Price, brand, style, distinctiveness? That decision is completely up to you.

If you choose to purchase something from my shop though, you can be sure that in addition to their beauty and uniqueness, the items will also be durable and retain their value over time. You can also be sure that by supporting Taxco artisans, you will be helping to protect this increasingly endangered traditional manufacturing method over mass production.

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How do you feel about wearing artisan jewelry?