Can you still find high-quality handmade silver jewelry in 2023?

Online Handmade Silver Jewelry from Taxco in Canada

The answer is YES, it is still possible to find high-quality handmade silver jewelry today.

It can be a bit of a challenge though, especially due to the rise of mass-produced jewelry which discourages those skilled artisans who put a lot of effort, time, and talent to create beautiful, unique pieces by hand. These days people prefer to buy machine made jewelry because it is often less expensive, since it can be produced more quickly and in larger quantities.

Another reason for people preferring mass-produced jewelry could be consistency, because it is made using machines and standardized processes that allow every piece to be identical. This can be reassuring for consumers who want to know exactly what they are getting.

Mass-produced items

Artisan jewelry can sometimes have small flaws or “imperfections”, as it is made by hand rather than by machine. However, these imperfections are often considered to be part of the charm and character of handmade pieces. There may be some variations in the size, shape, or color, same as slight asymmetry or tool marks.

However, it’s important to note that these imperfections do not necessarily detract from the quality or value of the jewelry. In fact, they can often add to the uniqueness and character of the piece. Handmade jewelry is often prized for its individuality and the personal touch of the artisan who created it.

 Imperfections in Jewelry

What to consider when looking for handmade silver jewelry?

There are a few recommendations to consider when looking for handmade jewelry though.

  • Check for hallmarks or certifications that indicate the jewelry was made by a skilled artisan and meets certain quality standards. For example, the “925” or “950” stamp on the piece you intend to purchase.

Stamps Handmade Silver Jewelry from Taxco Mexico

  • Look up the maker or designer of the jewelry you are interested in purchasing. Read their reviews and check their social media pages to see examples or their work and get a sense of their reputation.

For example, on my website Nueve Sterling, I have a section dedicated to some distinguished jewelry designers in Taxco like Marco Molina, Ezequiel Tapia, Teresa González or Roy Nilson. You can research about them all over the internet and you will find out that their work is remarkable and of the utmost high quality.

  • You can also look for artisan markets or fairs in your city because they often feature local artisans who specialize in handmade jewelry.
  • Last, seek out reputable jewelry stores that specialize in handmade or artisanal jewelry.

In Canada, the most authentic online store bringing high-quality handmade silver jewelry from certified workshops is Nueve Sterling. In my online store you’ll find different styles of artisanal silver jewelry all of it coming from the renowned town of Taxco, Mexico.

Handmade Silver Jewelry from Taxco Mexico in Canada

Taxco is known as the silver capital of the world. This colonial town has a rich history of silver mining and jewelry making, and the artisans who create handmade silver jewelry in Taxco have been perfecting their craft for generations.

When you purchase Taxco silver jewelry, you are not just getting a beautiful silver ring, necklace or bracelet, you are also getting a bit of Mexican history and culture. But not only that, the attention to detail and the care that goes into each silver pendant, earrings or necklaces (to say some) is unparalleled, so you can be sure that you are getting a piece that will last for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to wear to a special occasion or something more understated for everyday wear, Taxco silver jewelry has something for you. I understand this at Nueve Sterling, so the variety of styles and designs available on my online store allows you to find the perfect piece to complement your personal style and needs.

Nueve Sterling can help you get high-quality handmade silver jewelry by sourcing this kind of jewelry directly from the artisans in Taxco. This provides a direct source of income for the artisans and helps to promote their unique craft. By working with Nueve Sterling, artisans can access a wider market because otherwise, they would have to rely on selling their creations to the tourism that manages to get to their small town.

Is there anything you could do to keep the artisanal jewelry industry alive?

The tradition of handmade silver jewelry in Taxco, Mexico is facing challenges in competing against mass-produced jewelry, which threatens its survival. However, the unique qualities and cultural significance of this kind of jewelry make it an important part of the economy and heritage of Taxco.

You can help support the silversmiths and uphold the tradition by purchasing handmade items from them directly or from nearby shops in Mexico. You can also spread the word about the value of traditional crafts or make use of reputable businesses like Nueve Sterling, which sources handmade silver jewelry directly from Taxco's artisans and brings it directly to your doorstep.

By doing so, you can help ensure that future generations continue to appreciate and value the beauty and uniqueness of handmade silver jewelry.

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