August 29, 2022

Author Jewelry, What Is It?

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That Satisfaction of Feeling Unique

Humans have always felt a need to "belong," to feel noticed and hence accepted.

That sentiment is replicated in fashion, where it can be appealing to look like your favorite artist or use popular items as a sign of status or dominance.

But there is always another stream going in the opposite direction. The person who, on the other hand, wants to break free from stereotypes and stand out does so not because they can afford to wear expensive designer clothing or jewelry, but rather because they express their personality through their choice of clothing and one-of-a-kind accessories. Accessories with worth that extends beyond brand endorsement since they are unique, rare, and have the potential to convey, via their own essence, the wearer's personality.

Now, here the question is: where could one ever discover something like that in a world as industrialized as ours?

Author jewelry is the answer when it comes to accessorizing.

Designer Jewelry from Taxco Mexico Nueve Sterling

Big Jasper Silver Pendant

What’s the Definition of Author Jewelry?

Basically, author jewels are those created and produced by the same designer, pieces that are differentiated by their exclusivity and limited-edition designation. They are the result of a creative process that, when combined with artisanal manufacturing techniques, results in one-of-a-kind handcrafted designs. The essence, methods, and originality of their creator are captured in this kind of jewels, which are produced from excellent artistic effort.

Every designer who puts his or her name on a piece of jewelry does so with the intent of sending a message to the world, a declaration of intent supported by authenticity. Conceptual development is essential for this because sensations and emotions can be used to create elements that convey a feeling in addition to beauty.

In conclusion, some of the key features of author jewelry include the concept developed by the artist, the selection of manufacturing techniques, and the use of superior materials. When combined, they create a work of exquisite detail and beauty that transforms each piece into a means of expressing a distinctive and personal statement.

Author Jewelry Garnet Necklace Nueve Sterling
 Spectacular Garnet Silver Necklace


Exceptional Jewelry in Every Way

Author jewelry refers to handmade or artisanal jewelry. This kind of creation is far from mass-production, it adheres to artisanal and semi-artisanal processes, never industrial, and is based on limited runs that give the jewel a distinctive and special personality. The artists focus on designing and producing small collections, taking their time, and paying attention to every detail while producing one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The author's meticulous supervision of each stage of their creations allows them to deposit their personal seal in the most subtle features, which is why you can find signed and numbered jewels in limited quantities, or valuable remarkable pieces. 

Jewelry Designer Numbered and Signed Silver Pendant Nueve Sterling


As Nueve Sterling, I not only support the local artisans of Taxco by acquiring and promoting their magnificent silver creations, but I am also beginning to promote Mexican designers, such as Ghyslayne Jaudon, from whom you can find a beautiful selection of her silver and gemstones author jewelry on my website.

And remember:

Author jewelry will be your best option if you're looking for a piece with a distinct personality that stands out from the crowd.