Silver Rooster Caller Pendant

$80.00 CAD


Are you a rooster?

According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in the year of the Rooster are very observant, hardworking, resourceful, courageous, and talented. Roosters are very confident in themselves.

The Rooster has a great relationship with the Ox and the Snake. All 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac also have a secret friend, and the Dragon is the secret friend of the Rooster.

People born in 1933 - 1945 - 1957  - 1969 - 1981 - 1993 - 2005 - 2017 are Roosters, so... are you a rooster or do you happen to know one?

If that's the case, this adorable "Angel Caller" with a rooster in sterling silver, would make a wonderful and original present for somebody that even doesn't know is a Rooster. As all the "Angel Callers" of our collection, this one jingles with the movement and the sound is very relaxing.


Sterling silver 925



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