Silver Caduceus Front View - Nueve Sterling
Caduceus Back View - Nueve Sterling
Caduceus 45 Degree Angle - Nueve Sterling


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While researching about this symbol, we learned some interesting facts.

1) This symbol derives from Hermes or Mercury (the messenger of Greek gods) and is a staff intertwined by two snakes.

2)  Greek mythology suggests that Hermes came across two fighting snakes and by throwing his wand at them, they became intertwined and stopped fighting.

3)  The head of the staff generally has two wings and shouldn't be mistaken with the wand of Asclepius, God of Medicine, whose staff is wrapped with a single snake and has no wings.

4) The Caduceus is often used to represent medicine, specially in the US, but now we learned that it's not correct.

5) Actually, the Caduceus was an ancient astronomical symbol of commerce.

So, it's still fine if you would like to surprise someone with this nice silver charm as a gift.


Sterling silver 925

1 cm shackle