Big Wing Pendant Front View - Nueve Sterling Mexican Silver Jewelry
Big Wing Pendant back angle - Nueve Sterling
Big Wing Pendant close up - Nueve Sterling
Big Wing Pendant 45 degree angle - Nueve Sterling
Big Wing Pendant with model - Nueve Sterling

Big Wing Pendant

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Weight: 8 g

What a special pendant, it is made of yak bone and sterling silver. The bone is masterfully carved into a big wing with amazing finish. All the feathers are perfectly detailed with the shaft and the vane for every single one, they have done an amazing job! The wing is graciously held by a sterling silver plate, displaying a beautiful and simple design in the middle of it. The combination of the color along with the design gives a sense of peace and harmony.

This is definitely a piece that could go very well with a spiritual person. If you are the one, then picture yourself wearing this astonishing pendant, dressed all in white, walking by the sea. Doesn't it sound inviting?


Sterling silver 925

Yak carved bone


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