The Mexican tiny giant

The Mexican tiny giant

If you're looking for a funny, entertaining, expressive, and loyal little friend, a Chihuahua may be the answer. This is the oldest breed on the American continent and the smallest breed in the world. Native to Mexico, where they received their name from the State of Chihuahua (located north of the country), these dogs were sacred to Pre-Columbian Indian nations and were also popular pets to the upper class. The American Kennel Club describes them as "a tiny dog with a huge personality. A national symbol of Mexico, these alert and amusing "purse dogs" stand among the oldest breeds of the Americas".

Honestly, my mom couldn't care less about the lineage of her inseparable companion, she just wanted a cute small dog to make her happy. Barbie Lynn is the name of her Chihuahua and I can tell you... she was the terror of the house when she was a puppy. Currently she is eight years old and now we can "talk" because she has finally calmed down, but she had so much energy that you couldn't actually believe it. As a puppy she never stopped jumping, she was like a little bouncing spring, chasing you all over the house. She used to grab socks, underwear, sandals or whatever caught her attention, and bring them to her bed as precious treasures. 

Chihuahuas possess loyalty, charm, and big-dog attitude; it is a graceful, alert, swift-moving compact little dog with saucy expression, and terrier-like qualities of temperament. Barbie truly believes that she's the keeper of my mom's house. Beware of her and do not dare to approach the door because she will scare you to death with her frightening roar, well at least that's what she thinks. One of my mom's neighbor used to call her "la tormenta" (the storm). 


Barbie is usually very active but her dream is to be on my mom's lap doing absolutely nothing. She can spend the whole afternoon on top of her and there won't be anything better than that. The thing is that my mom gets annoyed because it's not true that she does nothing, she actually likes licking her but my mother can't stand that so when Barbie tries to start with the licking, my mom sends her back to her bed immediately.

The Chihuahuas get cold very quickly and they are constantly shivering, either because they are stressed or cold. But my mom has the answer for Barbie's struggle with the weather: she keeps dressing her up! We have tried to explain little Barbie that she looks very pretty, but she really doesn't care.

The Chihuahuas are very manageable due to their compact size, but you need to train them well so they behave when people "invade" their territory. It’s important to be firm and let them know who is boss, otherwise they will rule if you let them get away with it. During her afternoon walks, Barbie is not very friendly with the other dogs and she's usually trying to pick a fight with really big four legged ones. That can be kind of inconvenient. But I also have to say that once you become her friend, she will be the friendliest dog on earth. She's very sweet and will definitely keep you company, just what my mother was expecting from her pet.

According to, these are some fun facts about this breed that will make you fall in love with them:

1. Chihuahuas are believed to be descended from an ancient breed known as Techichis, a companion dog favored by the Toltec civilization in Mexico.

2. Chihuahuas are the world's smallest dog breed.

3. There are two official Chihuahua variety: the smooth coat and the long coat.

4. Long-haired Chihuahuas shed less.

5. They have a life expectancy of 14 to 16 years.

6. When it comes to brain size in relation to body dimensions, Chihuahuas have the largest brains of all dog breeds.

7. Gidget was the real name of the "Taco Bell" Chihuahua

8. Celebrities love Chihuahuas: Madonna, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon, Sharon Osborne, Paris Hilton and Mickey Rourke are amongst the famous people that own a cute Chihuahua.

9. One of the most prevalent Chihuahua health facts is that due to having a small mouth they often have dental problems.

10. Chihuahuas are born with floppy ears. They will start standing erect around at the age of 6 months.

11. Chihuahuas are colorful. There are 30 recognized colors, although some are combinations.

 12. They're snazzy dressers. From elaborate costumes to a jaunty cap, there’s no doubt that these adorable pups look cuter than ever when dressed up. 

My mom definitely agrees with this last fact, so here's a selection of some of the most iconic pieces of Barbie's wardrobe:

Very cute, ain't she?