2020 Jewelry Trends... really?

2020 Jewelry Trends... really?

Fashionable, chic, trendy, what's in?

These are some of the questions I have been trying to answer in regards of what is hot in the jewelry industry right now. To tell you the truth, after looking at so many sources and identifying the "most fashionable" trends, I arrived to the following conclusion: just wear what makes you feel happy!

It is true that many women like following whatever the haute couture brands establish to feel, or make people believe that they are well-off and stylish. However, often times these trends seem to be kind of ridiculous with clothing or accessories that look completely unwearable, unless you are going to a costume party.

It is also true that accessories like bags or shoes have a bigger say than jewelry in terms of setting trends, but the latter has also its own thing.

So, regardless of whether or not I agree with the world of fashion and its eccentricities, I made a research about the latest trends in jewelry and here I present you the five more recurrent ones, according to Vogue, The Zoe Report, Who Wear What and Harper's Bazaar amongst others.

1- Extra large hoops

And when I say extra large, I mean it. This season seems to be the one focusing on huge items. So, if you really want to be fashionable this 2020, remember: the bigger... the better.


2. Statement necklaces and oversized links & chains

A story more or less similar to that of the hoops. This season the links are humongous and another thing to highlight is that the designers are using different materials, specially cheap ones to produce their accessories. And I understand why, can you imagine how much you would be paying if one of their gigantic chains were in gold or silver? No way!




3. Chokers and lariat necklaces

Statement chokers and long necklaces that make heads turn, everything is about going bold and make yourself noticed. Piling and layering these pieces continue to be trendy so, it's up to you.



4. Pearls

Pearls have been a popular trend for many seasons and now it seems they are going strong in 2020. The size doesn't matter and you will see them in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants; basically everywhere!


5. Single earrings

Earrings going solo is the new thing so I was thinking that if by chance you lost one piece and you didn't throw away the other, now you can wear your dear earring again because it happens to be fashionable. When things work in our favor, we should take them, don't you think?

Oh wow, that's the trend and as I said at the beginning of this blog, I find these fashion statements extreme but please don't mind me, that's just me.

At Nueve Sterling we definitely have a nice array of hoops, chokers, lariat necklaces, earrings (the pair though, but think that you can always keep the other one as spare hahahaha), pearls and all sorts of beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, that even though they might not follow what the fashionable luxury brands set for today, you can be sure that they are pieces that have their own charm and can be worn by everybody no matter the trend, because they are timeless.

After all, as this old saying in Spanish goes: "De la moda, lo que te acomoda" which means: don't be a fashion victim, wear what suits you best :)

What do you think about the photos on this blog? Would you wear something like that? I would love to hear from you.